by Erika McGann A wee donkey sat in the shade of a tree. 'If you had one wish, Grandad, what would it be?' 'I'd fix this old back and these wobbly knees, and go see the sights that are out there to see.' The wee donkey thought, 'I can't turn back the years, but I can get Grandad some great souvenirs.' She slipped through the gate with a small wooden cart, in search of some gifts that would warm Grandad's heart. The wee donkey heads across Ireland, where she "borrows" the Jeanie Johnston ship from the Liffey, the round tower from Glendalough, kisses from the Blarney Stone and more, to bring to her grandad. But you can't go taking national treasures like that, particularly when the police find out! A warm and entertaining picture book from the team who brought you Where Are You, Puffling?

Wee Donkeys Treasure Hunt