by Caitlin Moran

How to be an older woman? Who knows. Being a young woman can be challenging. But it turns out not even a fraction of the bullshit has happened to you by the time you turn thirty. Because your thirties, forties and beyond see you dealing with Real Life, the stuff you never thought would happen to you: grey hair; bereavement; hangovers that last for days; having sex with the same person for years and years and still saying ?thank you afterwards?; balancing career with motherhood ? or not ? and dealing with your ageing parents. If anything, it gets worse. But you get more amazing. Ten years after the modern classic How to Be a Woman redefined modern feminism, Caitlin Moran explores the art of becoming an older woman. Singing the praises of their no-nonsense wisdom and their almost supernatural ability to simply get shit done, More Than A Woman is a joyous celebration of mothers, daughters, female friendship and life beyond your thirties.

More Than A Woman