by John Scally The world today can be both disconcerting and disconnecting but the Celtic tradition offers connections, community and common sense. Theologian John Scally uses it as a rich vein to be mined of insight, imagination and inspiration. When we have an aching heart Celtic wisdom can be a sanctuary of rest, renewal and reassurance. Long before the terms 'mindfulness' and 'well-being' were coined the Celtic tradition offered pathways to peace of mind and calmness. It offers shafts of light into the darkness that so many people grapple with on a daily basis and provides prisms of hope into the despair we feel watching the news. This book draws on the wisdom, stories, poetry, prayers, humour and letters that are at the heart of the Celtic tradition. It is not a nostalgic portal to a golden age of traditional Irish lyricism with mighty mists lolling lazily about the Celtic landscape but a search for wisdom that will resound with the sort of truthfulness that will steer deep recognitions in the reader. It includes contributions from a number of influential writers such as Brendan Kennelly, Peter McVerry and Mark Patrick Hederman. It also pays tribute to the late great, John O'Donohue. When life tends to overwhelm us and when we feel we are on our own, this is a book to remind us of where we come from and to bring comfort when it is badly needed.

Inspiration For All Seasons